Recommended free software

List of useful software

This is a list of software I use everyday in fixing computers.


Combofix tends to get rid of most bad viruses. It runs 50+ tests for viruses. Watching it the  program seems to act like a lure to try and trick viruses to try and infect it.

Malwarebytes installs without interfering with existing anti-virus programs. I use this program to clean up any viruses left by combofix.


Ccleaner is probably the only cleaning program I trust. It removes temporary files and cleans up redundant registry links. I have seen a few other programs that try and do this and totally bork the registry.

NMap is an IP Scanning tool. It is good for finding network security issues as well as finding lost devices on a network.

Use Berry Domain and Site Hosting for all of your hosting needs.

WinDirStat is program that shows a graph of all of your directories and their size. This allows you to drill down and find where your disk space is going. Or you can just buy a 3Tb Hard Disk Drive

Flash Player is necessary to play videos on the web

Flash Player Removal tools

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