Friday, April 11, 2008

Remote XP Installation

I have a laptop that had gotten wet. The hard-drive was corrupted and also the DVD driver was not working and it couldn't boot from a USB drive (or the ports weren't working).
I tried to install XP on a new drive by putting it into a USB harness on one of my desktops. I found that this didn't work (For some reason it works but it puts the boot information on the 'C' drive of my desktop not the USB drive.
I finally settled on using PXE. This is a system that allows allows the operating system to be installed over the network. It took awhile to get setup. The best source is was using TFTPD32. this site has a good document on how to set-up a remote XP install. It has also good information around how to make an install.

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mahesh said...

I just put this on my site. I hope it works for technologically challenged old farts! Computer Installation