Monday, December 24, 2007

Computer Security

I recently had a customer who had just gone through a divorce. She had gotten the computer but the husband had changed the password on the computer. We do have password changing tools but I got in through a common error people make. If you log into XP using safe mode the Administrator account appears. In most cases people don't password this account. Logging into this account enables you to change the passwords of the other accounts. So to better protect your computer ensure the administrator account has a password.

Once into the computer, I checked to see if anything else had been done. He had also setup content advisor to stop access to the web. To remove this I just went to the registry. I can never remember exactly where to find these things so I simply searched on the value in the hint field.

In short security is good but if somebody physically gets your computer, it is difficult to keep them getting all of your information.

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