Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cheap Vista Laptops

I had a customer today ring up about cheap laptops. They were $600 and she wanted to see if I could match the price. The computers were celeron M processors with 512Mb of memory running Vista Home Basic. Hardly the fastest machines, in fact running them would be downright unpleasant.
I think that the minimum for a Vista laptop would be a T2*** cpu with at least 1Gb of memory. I'm writing this in an IBM Thinkpad with a T7250 cpu and 2 Gb of memory and Vista isn't the quickest. We forget how large the operating systems are getting. I have a Pentium III in the workshop running Windows 98 and 256Mb of memory and it starts up within 30 seconds and is extremely quick.
talking about Laptops I didn't like the Thinkpad at first as I have been selling ASUS laptops. The ASUS are extremely stylish while the Thinkpad is very square. However, after using one for a little while, I find I like the keypad and you get the feeling that you could throw the machine across the room and it wouldn't break.

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