Monday, July 28, 2008

How to become rich and become a millionaire without trying

Now I have your attention! It surprised me when I started to get into doing SEO work for myself and others and looking at Addsense to make a few dollars (cents) how many sharks are out there. I use the IBP program to help me optimize sites and it is a good product. There is one option that allows you to submit your site to web sites automatically. Unfortunately, some of the websites are a bit suspect and I have been deluged with emails on how to get rich quick.
Take Addsense for example. Across all my sites I only have around 10-20 visitors a day which translates to around 40 impressions a day. Now could a person make a six figure salary from his websites. I think the answer is yes, but it would take a lot of work. A lot of work to get high in the rankings. Also, a lot of work to keep this many people happy and returning to the site.
It might be better to just get a job, unless the website also covers your own interests and hobbies then it would not seem like a job. Going by the Adsense forum, people from India seem to be interested. I can understand this, if they target the western world then they should make the same that I would and each cent goes a lot further. I don't know about India but in Bali, $50 per month looks is a decent wage for a local.
If you are interested, I am getting around a 4% click rate and around $11.00 eCPM. In other words for about every 1000 impressions I get 11 dollars.

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