Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Network Issues - Could not connect - Asking for username and password

Networking seems to be very finicky in Windows. I had a business site where one computer could not access the printers from another computer. Both computers were XP.
From the first computer I checked and could not see the second computer. I went to the second computer and through the My Computer properties checked that the computer was in the correct workgroup. It was I next went into network neighborhood. I could see the workgroup but could not access the workgroup. When in doubt reboot. I rebooted but the computer but no joy. The next thing I do when there are network issues is re-run the network setup wizard. This wizard must do a lot of things under the hood and in this case worked.

I went to the first computer and though it could now see the second computer when I clicked on it a password was requested. I did a reboot on the first computer and the connection could be made.
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