Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iPods and Norton's AntiVirus

I remember when Norton's Utilities were the best and we all bought them to make Dos and then Windows usable or save us from deleting files when we shouldn't. It is a shame now, how much trouble this software now causes.
I had a laptop in to add some memory and to install two iPods. It really annoys me how companies can sell computers with not enough memory to run comfortably. This laptop had 256Mb of memory. A good chunk of this was taken by the bios for the video driver. Add to that Norton's Anti-Virus and you can see that the machine must have been page faulting like craxy. I have also seen plenty of Vista machines with 512Mb of memory.
Anyway, I installed a 512Mb memory stick on the computer and went to try and install the iPods. I plugged them in and nothing happened. I checked the specs for the laptop and it only had USB 2.0 ports so this wasn't the problem. I plugged it into my computer and the iPod connected immediately.
I ran MSConfig on the client's computer and turned off anything to do with Symantec (around a dozen services and start-up programs), rebooted and got the iPod to connect. Next problem.
The version of iTunes on the computer was version 4. I tried automatic update and it couldn't find the update server. I then tried to directly download iTunes using IE. It eventually came up with a page not found error. I used winsh to reset the stack. I used ipconfig to flush the DNS cache. No good. I then restarted all of the Norton programs, rebooted and was able to download iTunes (All 50mb). After it downloaded I plugged in the iPod and it was found but needed another 50mb download to upgrade it's software.

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