Saturday, January 5, 2008

Realtek Sound Drivers

I just built a new computer and I couldn't the front headphone jacks to work. This was strange because I had the same complaint from a customer that I just sold a computer (I didn't build this one). I spent three hours updating drivers but to no avail. I ripped the cover off the computer to check that it was plugged in and it was. It was a solid plug so it couldn't have been plugged in wrong. I then checked the wires going to the plug and I found that the one that senses something plugged into the jack was missing.
I'd been through the realtek utility before and couldn't find anything to change settings. I went back and looked again and found that there was a tiny almost (to me) invisible button with a spanner on it. Using this I then was able to switch off the sensing. I wonder how many computers are out there that have the same problem.

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