Sunday, June 29, 2008

Windows manual restore

If you have a computer with a corrupt registry that wont even start in safe mode then start the computer in safe mode with command prompt and type:


This will start the gui and enable you to restore.

If you can't get even get into safe mode with command prompt, the easiest way to fix the computer is to slave the drive to another computer (You can do this using the repair console as well but it is messier as you are in command mode).

On the root of the main drive there is a hidden folder called "System Volume Information". To see it you may need to go into tools/folder options and click on the View tab. Scroll down and clear the "Hide Protected Operating System files" checkbox (If the system is in a workgroup, you'll need to clear the Use Simple File Sharing check box as well.)

Before you can open the folder you will need to change the security settings. Right click on the folder and select properties. Go to the security tab. Edit the security and add yourself with full access to the list. You may need to take ownership to do this.
You now can click through the folders to the snapshot folders. You will then find the files required for the manual restore. Rename the files and move them to the windows\system32\config folder (backing up the existing files)

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