Friday, July 4, 2008

SEO Project part 2

Creating a domain with keywords in it set the site to the top of page two of the Australian Google almost immediately. This shows how important the keyword selection is over all searches.
The next part was to change the website. This was made more difficult by the fact that the web designer had used frames. I have heard that google gets confused by frames. As google had nicely indexed the site already, I decided to check the effect of frames by looking at the cache. It was blank, not a character of text was found.
I went through the effort of replacing the frames on each page. This was made easy with Microsoft Expression Web's Dynamic Web Templates. This is a nifty feature where you can define a template and create web pages from them. I know, templates have been around for ages, but the nifty bit is that when you change the template, all the children pages change.

Then, I did the keywords. To get an idea of keywords, I did a short adwords campaign, to see what was the most popular combinations. I then put the keywords into the web pages in the priority order of Title then Description then Keywords. The latter for the non-google search engines.
For the text bodies don't forget the importance of keywords in h1,h2 and strong tags.
I copied all the text from every other page onto the front page. Originally, there was almost no text on the first page. Well all we need to do is wait. Well no not really, there is still the links and the monitoring.

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