Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bigpond NextG Wireless and eee PC

My eee PC arrived yesterday and I have been busy getting it ready. One thing I absolutely need is to get Bigpond's NextG wireless working on the computer. I downloaded the complete installation files. I tried to run the setup.exe but I kept on getting permission denied errors. I ran the HTML files directory and found that the problem was with IE. I dropped security to a minimum in IE but I still got the same problem.
I then manually installed the drivers for the device and found an MSI file which installed the client.
Using the secret options menu (shift-options) I managed to get the device to connect. Unfortunately it only connected for a few seconds before disconnecting. I've compared the install with the install on my laptop which seems to be okay. I've tried installing and uninstalling (I've been through this process on behalf of a lot of customers) and still no good. I may have to get the machine back to factory condition and try again.

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